The main ingredients of the winter menu are Cranberries, Leek, Brussel Sprouts, Apples, Pumpkin, Winter Truffles, Chicory and Sweet Potatoes.
In February we are going to prepare seasonal dishes for you from: Chicory, Cress, Brussels Sprouts, Sweet Potatoes, Apples and Salsify.

Seasonal menu is served daily from noon until 23:00 pm.

Smoked Trouth with Marinated Leek | Turnip | Lemon Emulsion
Wild Boar Rillettes | Walnut Brioche | Caramelized Endive
Sweet Potatoes Roasted in Honey | Goat Cheese | Roasted Walnuts
Red Chicory | Yellow Beetroot | Gingerbread Croutons | Mulled Wine Dressing

Game Consommé with Red Wine | Poached Quail Egg | Root Vegetables
Creamo of Leek Soup | Cottage Cheese with Chives | Bacon Foam

Main Courses
Fresh Pasta with Winter Truffles | Eggs Yolk Sauce | Roasted Parsley Root
Pikeperch | Roasted Celeriac | Leek Curd | Lemon Sauce
(Menu including Pikeperch – surcharge of CZK 200)
Corn-Fed Chicken | Creamy Kale | Pumpkin Gnocchi | Roasted Vegetables
Pork Loin Roasted on Cumin | Smoked Apples | Bread Sauce
Flap Steak | Mashed Potatoes with Winter Truffles | Sheathed Woodtuft
(Menu including Flap Steak – surcharge of CZK 200)
Wild Bear Back with Cranberries Crust | Sweet Potatoes | Brussel Sprouts

The Grand Mark Cake | Dark Chocolate Mousse | Blackcurrant Jelly
Czech Style Punch Cake with Sugar | Chocolate Decoration
Matcha Tee Macaroons | Lime Sorbet | Mango Sauce
Dessert of the Day Created by our Pastry Chef
Selection of European Cheese | Spiced Apple Preserve | Fruit Bread with Nuts and Pumpkin

List of allergens on request



Two-course menu        

CZK 590

Three-course menu

CZK 790


Five-course menu



CZK 1350