The main ingredients of the June menu are broccoli, young cabbage, elderflower, asparagus, tomatoes, kohlrabi, spinach, watercress, onion, cherries...
In July we are going to prepare seasonal dishes for you from: peaches, apricots, strawberries, raspberries, cucumbers, basil...

Seasonal menu is served daily from noon until 10:30 pm. 

Smoked Trout | Cream Cheese | Pea Shoots | Basil Oil | Whey
Chicken Liver Pâté | Spiced Cherry Chutney | Brioche
Bulgur | Kohlrabi | Radish | Red Chard | Elderflower Dressing
Marinated Heirloom Tomatoes | Basil Foam | Tomato Vinaigrette | Homemade Granola

Chicken Consommé | Confit Chicken Leg Raviolo | Spring Vegetables
Cream of White Asparagus Soup | Nut and Spring Onion Pesto | Green Asparagus | Herb Croutons

Main Course
Grilled Young Cabbage | Buttermilk Gel | Roasted Pumpkin & Sunflower Seeds | Brown Butter
Loin of Locally Farmed Pork | Chanterelles | Horseradish Potato Purée | Pig Ear Croquette
Corn-fed Chicken Breast | Lovage Gnocchi | Young Carrots | Watercress | Spinach Sauce
Catfish | Asparagus Ragout | Purple Potatoes | Beurre Blanc Sauce
Duck Breast | Grilled Polenta | Chicory Confit | Rhubarb & Cherry Gel
(Menu including Duck Breast – surcharge of CZK 200)
Beef Flap | Roasted Onion Purée | Potato Confit with Spring Onion | Broccoli
(Menu including Beef Flap – surcharge of CZK 200)

The Grand Mark Cake | Dark Chocolate Mousse | Blackcurrant Jelly
Gooseberry Cheesecake | Yoghurt Ice Cream | Pistachios | Marshmallow
Chocolate Crisp | Cherry Ganache | Black Vanilla Ice Cream
Dessert of the Day Created by our Pastry Chef
Selection of Home-made Sorbets and Ice Cream
Selection of European Cheese | Spiced Apple Preserve | Fruit & Nut Bread

List of allergens on request.



Two-course menu        

CZK 690

Three-course menu

CZK 890


Five-course menu



CZK 1,350