The main ingredients of the August menu are basil, cucumber, watermelon, peppers, tomatoes, spinach, kohlrabi, chanterelles...
In September we are going to prepare seasonal dishes for you from: broccoli, peaches, courgettes, mushrooms, cabbage...

Seasonal menu is served daily from noon until 10:30 pm. 

Salmon Trout Tartar | Yoghurt Espuma | Basil | Lemon | Cucumber
Chicken Liver Paté | Raspberry Purée | Brioche | Frisée | Raspberry Dust
Whipped Goat Cheese | Marinated Beetroot | Caramelised Walnuts | Beetroot Vinaigrette
Iceberg Lettuce | Smoked Dressing | Cherry Tomato Confit | Grilled Spring Onions | Cured Egg Yolk | Herb Croutons

Chicken Consommé | Egg Royale with Seasonal Vegetables | Egg Yolk Gel
Chilled Essence of Summer Vegetables and Watermelon | Organic Cheese | Watermelon | Basil

Main Course
Homemade Tagliatelle | Chanterelles | Gran Moravia Cheese
Loin of Locally Farmed Pork | Fondant Potato | Braised Kohlrabi | Gooseberry
Corn-fed Chicken Breast | Corn Espuma | Summer Vegetables Confit | Chicken Glaze
Mixed Leaf Salad | Salmon Trout | Avocado | Lime Dressing | Orange Segments | Pomegranate
Pike perch | Sweet Peppers | Homemade Tomato Ketchup | Shallot Confit | Grilled Aubergine | Courgette
(Menu including Pike Perch – surcharge of CZK 200)
Beef Flap | Potato Purée with Brown Butter | Chanterelles | Spinach | Chilled Yoghurt & Pink Peppercorn Sauce
(Menu including Beef Flap – surcharge of CZK 200)

The Grand Mark Cake | Dark Chocolate Mousse | Blackcurrant Jelly
Lavender Panna Cotta | Almond Cookies | Blackberries
Lemon Madeleines | Yoghurt Cream | Apricot Sorbet
Dessert of the Day Created by our Pastry Chef
Selection of Home-made Sorbets and Ice Cream
Selection of European Cheese | Spiced Apple Preserve | Fruit & Nut Bread

List of allergens on request.



Two-course menu        

CZK 690

Three-course menu

CZK 890


Five-course menu



CZK 1,350